David-HWe recently sat down with David Haselschwerdt to talk Pilates.  David started at Pilates Tutor in April of 2015.  Although he had been working with a personal trainer for seven years, he suffered from nagging back pain.  He was looking for something different. Here’s his story.

Pilates Tutor:  What are the three things you like about Pilates?


  •  Pilates has improved my (core) balance, strength, and overall fitness, which in turn has improved my golf swings balance and rhythm.  All this has improved my fitness at the age of 71.

Pilates Tutor:  What What made you try Pilates?


  •  I wanted to protect and help my lower back so I could  avoid back surgery. By strengthening my core, increasing flexibility in my lower back and improving my shoulder function I have avoided surgery and feel great! 

Pilates Tutor:  What do you like best about Pilates?


  •  Pilates will improve your fitness without using heavy weights.